2014 Progress

During 2014 we continued to make progress toward our energy reduction goal, resulting in reduced energy use exceeding 17,400 MMBtu. When combined with our results since 2012, this fulfills 45 percent of our target of 692,000 MMBtu by 2020. Normalized direct energy (MMBtu/sales tonnage) in 2014 was 1.75 and normalized indirect energy (kWh/sales tonnage) in 2014 was 301.

Recent Projects

To reduce energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption:

Our team at the Diamond Crystal Brands Quakertown (Pa.) Plant recognized room for energy conservation through their production equipment. By reviewing equipment settings and optimizing for maximum efficiency, they were able to realize a savings of 5,837 kWh in 2014.
Consumption Reduction

Common area conservation:

Reviewing electrical consumption in common areas at the Diamond Crystal Brands Mitchellville (Iowa) Plant, the team identified an opportunity for conservation. Implementing occupancy sensors and other procedures to reduce electricity during non-production times resulted in a savings of 49,703 kWh.
Electricity Saved