jeffrey Jeffrey M. Ettinger Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the 2014 Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility Report. As we celebrate another year filled with milestones and achievements at Hormel Foods, we are excited to share the progress we made as a leading corporate citizen in our industry.


We are proud to report that in 2014 we surpassed our 2020 solid waste goal. We have also made significant strides toward our other 2020 goals to reduce water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, while implementing more than $4.2 million of environmental and facility improvements.

Each year Hormel Foods facilitates an Environmental Sustainability Best of the Best competition, which recognizes internal teams of employees who identify and implement ways to help us operate more efficiently. This year, we recognized an international winner for the first time: Project Blue Sky at the Beijing HFC Plant (Beijing, China). Project Blue Sky received the honor of being named champion for achievements in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, demonstrating our commitment to the environment around the world.

Nutrition and Wellness

Many consumers are interested in better-for-you options, and we have a variety of products that meet this demand. In 2014, we expanded our Stagg® brand portfolio by adding two 100 percent natural chili varieties, and also launched organic 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole® minis. In addition, we worked on several sodium reduction projects, and saw success with our SKIPPY® natural peanut butter spread that does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. 

Product Innovation

In August 2014, Hormel Foods acquired CytoSport Holdings, Inc., the maker of Muscle Milk® products, adding an on-the-go, protein-rich food to our Specialty Foods segment. As a leading provider of premium protein products in the sports nutrition category, CytoSport’s brands align with our focus on protein, while further diversifying our portfolio. We also remain committed to ongoing product innovation and are on track to achieve the goal we set of $3 billion in total sales of new products by 2016.


In fiscal year 2014, Hormel Foods donated more than $9.1 million in cash and products, and we continued our domestic and international commitment to end hunger. We gave more than 6.3 million individual meals and 3.3 million pounds of product to food banks, local food shelves and feeding programs. We also donated 17,346 Hormel® Cure 81® hams during the holiday season to charities throughout the country.

In addition, we continued our donations of SPAMMY®, a shelf-stable poultry product fortified with vitamins and minerals that is distributed to malnourished children in Guatemala. In fiscal 2014, we donated 2.5 million cans of SPAMMY® through our partnership with Food for the Poor and Caritas Arquidiocesana.

Information about our annual corporate responsibility progress and goals can be found within this online report and fully downloadable PDF. Please also visit the corporate responsibility section of for information about our environmental policies, corporate governance and industry-leading animal care practices.

Our stakeholders can be assured that we will continue our corporate responsibility efforts in concert with our internal values platform, “Our Way.”  We welcome you may have on our report to help us continue to improve and expand upon our efforts.


Jeffrey M. Ettinger Jeffrey M. Ettinger
Chairman of the Board,
President and Chief Executive Officer
jeffrey Jeffrey M. Ettinger Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer