The boundary of the report includes all entities that Hormel Foods “exercises control or significant influence with regard to financial and operating policies and practices,” as defined by the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Boundary Protocol, unless otherwise indicated. The following chart explains exceptions to this or further information about what parts of the company are not included in this report, by section.

The boundary outlined below differs from previous reports due to additional clarification broken out by section of the report.

About Hormel Foods
No. of Employees, Countries where Products are Marketed, Brands that Held No. 1 or No. 2 Marketshare and Manufacturing Facilities: Includes all
Audits of Ingredient Suppliers: Does not include international
Diverse Businesses: Does not include international and only includes applicable vendor categories
New Vendors: Includes all active suppliers in the company’s tracking system
Financial Information: As reported and defined in the company’s Annual Report
Lobbying and Political Action Committee: Includes all
Packaging Projects and Material Savings: Includes all projects and savings captured by the R&D package development group
Product Packaging that is Recyclable and/or Made from Recycled Materials: Includes strategic suppliers in the company’s tracking system
Unique Packaging Items: Includes all packaging items in the company’s tracking system
Logistics: Does not include international

Does not include our Corporate Office, R&D, live production and international locations; includes co-pack and joint venture locations with operational control

Sodium Reduction: Only includes brands listed, which include brands from Hormel Foods and MegaMex Foods
New Retail and Line Extension Launches and Products in Development: Includes projects that are captured through our corporate tracking systems; however, all projects may not be captured
Safety & Safety Training: Does not include international
People: Data (employment type, gender and tenure) and collective bargaining does not include international
Training: Does not include non-parent company international employee training
Cash and Product Donation Amounts: Amounts provided are donations recorded through our corporate donation records, which may not capture everything
Animal Care
Animal Care: Does not include international
Not Included
MegaMex Foods: Less than 50 percent operational and financial control
Fresherized Foods: Acquisition of a joint venture
Precept Foods: We did not have operational control as this was a marketing agreement, which dissolved Oct. 26, 2014
Okinawa Hormel Ltd.: Less than 50 percent operational and financial control
Purefoods – Hormel Company: Less than 50 percent operational and financial control
CytoSport: New acquisition August 2014